Party Time: The 10 Best Inflatable Games for Adults And Kids

Party Time: The 10 Best Inflatable Games for Adults And Kids

The 10 Best Inflatable Games for Adults And Kids

Inflatable games are just one way to get the party started . Here is a list of the top 10 inflatable games that your guests will love.

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Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little inflatable fun. If you want to help your friends let out their inner-child, consider hosting a party with some inflatable games for adults.

It’s the perfect way to take your backyard party to the next level and offer some unique entertainment.

But what inflatable games are available for adults? In this post we are going to discuss best games that are suitable for both kids and adults . Keep reading to find out.

1. Electric Bull ( Mechanical Bull )

When you think of adult-friendly inflatable games, an electric bull is probably the first thing that comes to your mind . In other words some might call this as mechanical bull as well . But no matter what you call this mechanical inflatable game , Certainly it drives endless fun for your party .

Get this for your party and your friends will stay entertained all day. Of course, trying to stay on that bull gets harder and harder as the drinks keep flowing.

So grab a large chalkboard to keep track of the highest scores. Give the winner a fun prize, like a bottle of liquor or a small lottery ticket bouquet.

2. Bubble Bowling

Do you think an electric bull will be a little too intimidating? A bubble bowling course may be just the thing.

You and your friends will get to jump into a soft plastic “bowling ball” and run towards the end of the inflatable bowling lane to knock over pins. It’s a great activity for those just looking to have a little fun on an inflatable game.

3. Bungee Race ( Bungee Run Game )

Racing is one of the oldest and simplest competitions. You can take this up a notch by offering bungee racing at your next outdoor party .

This inflatable game has two separate lanes. Your guests will race to the end of the lane while attached to the back of the course by an elastic bungee cord . And it will show off who got the strength and skills to run more distance .

See who can make it to the end and who gets flung back to the start!

4. Jousting ( Gladiator Joust Arena )

One of the best ways to upgrade your party is to include a fun theme. If you decide to go with a medieval theme, you absolutely need an inflatable jousting game.

There are a few different options to choose from, but they typically include two inflatable weapons and a designated area to stand. The first person to fall or step out of the fighting area loses.

It’s the perfect way to bring your theme to life and get everyone involved.

5. Hippo Chow Down

Do you remember playing Hungry Hungry Hippos as a child? Maybe you even play it with your kids now!

You can give all your friends a nice dose of nostalgia by getting an inflatable hippo chow down game for your next party .

The inflatable game really is like a life-sized version of the original. Everyone is tied to the perimeter of an inflatable circle with a bungee cord, and they try to run to a center pool that’s filled with colorful balls. Whoever gets the most balls wins!

6. Sticky Wall

Are you looking for a way to incorporate inflatable fun without the competition aspect? Let’s face it – we all have that one friend who gets a little too competitive.

If you’re just looking to let your inner kid out, consider getting a sticky wall. This inflatable wall is covered in Velcro strips. Your guests will take turns putting on Velcro suits and jumping onto the wall to see if they can stick.

Just make sure you have someone who will help your guests get down.

7. Eliminator

Do you think you have excellent balance and coordination? Are you ready to put that to the test?

An interactive inflatable eliminator game will do just that. You and your friends will have a blast trying to balance on pedestals while horizontal inflatable poles spin and try to knock you off.

You’ll have to jump and duck to avoid them all while staying atop your pedestal. See who can stay on longest and defeat the Eliminator!

8. Interactive Football

Does your friend group contain a lot of football fans? Do you usually play a friendly game of football with them during picnics and parties?

Well, you can take this up a notch with an inflatable interactive football game. You and your friends will jump in an inflatable rectangle and grab on to the horizontal supports. Then, you’ll work together to score like you’re in a giant football table.

If you want an extra challenge, consider making the teams smaller. You’ll have to work extra hard to get to the ball in time.

9. Mountain Climbing

Have you always wanted to try mountain climbing but were too intimidated to give it a shot? Well, starting slow may be the best way to overcome your fears and try it one day.

Consider getting an inflatable mountain climbing game. While it doesn’t compare to the real deal, it’s a fun party activity and it’ll get you used to act of climbing.

The best part is that inflatable mountain climbing has multiple sides, so a few guests can climb at the same time or even race each other to the top.

10. Jungle Maze

Do you and your friends love intellectual games? Then consider getting an inflatable jungle maze for your next party.

Your friends will love trying to beat the maze, and they can always try multiple times to complete it in the shortest amount of time.

With Halloween right around the corner, this can make the perfect creepy activity. Get some Halloween decorations and a few fog machines to create a maze so scary, it’ll feel eerily similar to the Triwizard maze in Harry Potter.

The Best Inflatable Games for Adults

Who says inflatable games are just for kids? If you want to have a blast at your next party, you have to have an inflatable game there. Just follow our guide to ensure you pick the best one for you and your friends.

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