Choosing a jumping castle for 2023 new year

Choosing a jumping castle for 2023 new year

How to choose your best jumping castle for business

We’re all prepping to update our inventory for the new financial year, so we thought we’d provide you with some guidelines and trends for the year. As you know, finding the best option from 100’s of designs isn’t easy, so we hope you’ll read this guide closely and give your own ideas and suggestions to make it better for business owners. We emphasize that Australian standards and durability are essential for a smooth running business, avoiding potential accidents due to product failure. To help you understand what company you’re investing in, we’ll explain our production process. This will also help you to know what to look for in the market to reach success with your business. It’s important that you understand the market fully when looing for jumping castles for sale. You’ll find this article covers basic trends of what’s happening in the market this year too. We will share some insights of hirers mind as well as customers mind on new trends for your business .

What guidelines Australian Inflatables uses when manufacturing

Members of the Joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee, ME-05, which is responsible for creating standards related to fire hydrant systems, convened to create a new standard that would supersede AS 3533.1—1997 and AS 3533.1 Supp1—200. After a thorough consultation and review, SAI Global officially published the new standard on July 9, 2009 – AS 3533.1 2009. This document outlines guidelines regarding the design, manufacture, and construction of amusement devices and passenger ropeways.

Section 2.1 of AS 3533.1 2009 details all of the necessary procedures and requirements for commercial owners of inflatable businesses – from materials used to installation and maintenance to safety measures to employee training to record keeping – providing a comprehensive guide for their safe, effective, and efficient operation. Here at our company, we always stick to these guidelines when manufacturing products; that way we can ensure Australian business owners won’t get in trouble from using them!

how to choose a jumping castle for hiring business

When it comes to choosing a jumping castle for your hiring business, it is critical to ensure that you are selecting a product that meets all of the necessary safety standards. In Australia, all jumping castles must meet the Australian and New Zealand Standards for Amusement Devices, otherwise known as AS/NZS 4423:2019 . Ensure that your chosen jumping castle has this standard, along with all relevant certifications and inspections, before signing an agreement.

It is also important to be aware of the risks associated with purchasing a jumping castle from an overseas supplier. These suppliers often hide additional fees, such as shipping costs or warranty fees, in small print – so be sure to read the agreement carefully, and be sure you are aware of all relevant costs.

Beyond safety and certification, you should also consider the design and appearance of the jumping castle itself. If you are running a business, you want to offer an attractive, eye-catching product – so be sure to choose a design that is attractive and will make your customers happy.

What are the trends for these products in 2023

After covid restrictions been lifted . People tends to have more bigger gatherings as they wish to cover up the lost times in past couple of years . But the world economics situation has affected some people due to loss of job or cut down of other benefits . Yet if you got a good medium sized product with some activities inside there are plenty of opportunities to hire it out . As we said more and more people are having kids parties these days to let kids have some fun after being cocoon for couple of years . Therefore we suggest go for some medium sized products with some fun activities built-in those . And if you are a growing business there will be a different angles to look in to when expanding . Therefore we will come up with another similar post with insights for expanding businesses .

Our trending products for the year

Paw patrol inflatable jumping castle 5 in 1 combo

Any of these 5 in 1 combo units are easy to rent . As the size fits to most back yards perfectly . And it has 5 different activities to perform for kids . Not only the activities but also the decent bouncy area it got gives boost for renters to go for this product .

Dual Unicorn Jumping castle combo

This is another hot product we got . Similar to the 5 in 1 combo this got plenty of activities for kids to play inside for hours . With the cure design and ability to use for both girls and boys parties gives this more attention in trends for 2023.

animal kingdom jumping castle combo

This is one of the oldest but hottest selling products ever . These activities and cuteness in and out makes this trending as all time best selling product . Not only it was the best in the past but also it continues it’s trend in this year so far .

Inflatable Party Jumping Castle

One of the best selling combo unit we got which was able to keep up the legacy for this new year .

Camelot Jumping Castle

This is more recommended if you got a hotel or a resort . As this one gives more better look for your business .

There are many more insights we can share with you . Therefore please contact us any time to discuss more details and our insights for your business .

From us to your business

Finally, be sure to check for any hidden charges that may come with the jumping castle purchase so you won’t get over paid . Common hidden charges can include customs clearing , delivery costs or many other importation fees , which may make the product more expensive than initially advertised by the overseas supplier .

By following the advice above, you should be able to select the perfect jumping castle for your hiring business and ensure that your customers have the best possible experience. Ensure it meets all the relevant safety standards, and keep an eye out for any hidden fees or maintenance costs. With this advice, you should be well on your way to getting the perfect jumping castle for your business.

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