Choosing suitable jumping castle for every occasion

Choosing suitable jumping castle for every occasion

When you are hosting an event for your organization or for the private party you may consider having a jumping castle for your event . Sometimes if you are in the rental business your customers may seek your advise for a suitable product for the occasion . Therefore having a thorough knowledge about these products will come in handy for any advise given or decision you make . Here we thought about explaining some of the options you got and input our experience in to it . Therefore you can gain better understanding what sort of a product to choose for your cause .

Some of you may already know these products comes in two main categories ones made for just house hold use and ones which are made for commercial usage . We at Australian Inflatables manufactures commercial grade heavy duty products . These comes in standard materials plus safety instructions to follow thoroughly .Other ones made for household use doesn’t support any safety guide lines . Therefore those are made out thinner oxford linen with very fragile stitches . Those type of products only suitable for kids under 6 years old . While our heavy duty products are suitable for adults . Therefore if you are thinking what sort of a product you are looking to buy , We suggest you to read our article about how to choose a jumping castle for best price it will give you better understanding about what to purchase .

So now back in to original topic about how to choose a product for your occasion . We felt better discuss by product category . So you will get better understand on each product section to know exactly which product serves on what purpose . Therefore we believe this sort of explanation will suit you better in narrowing down your search for a commercial grade inflatable for your company . From here on we discuss main sections of all the categories we got in our website .

Jumping castles

These are the most common use for every occasion , No matter how big or small the event is these castles will tend to bring lots of joy for young and old . We got jumping castle size range from 4m x 3.5m x 3 m – 10 m x 9mx 4.5 m range . So these products can serve your purpose of entertainment depending on number of attendees for the event . We even got wet and dry products on this category to double the user entertainment . Yet the most noteworthy fact is wet and dry products are suitable for all 4 seasons of the year .

The manufacturing process of jumping castles covers any weather condition blower covers , roof with emergency exit , netting panel to for safety of mild wind lifts . With double reinforced manufacturing process with less air leakage technology . These products takes less space than other products in the market .

Inflatable Obstacle course

Inflatable obstacle courses are in a different league . We like obstacle course more than any of these mention in this article .  Main cause is these are very competitive products . Which can be used for multiple causes . Fund raising , gaming , rehabilitation ,competitions , educational and many more . Therefore these are super duper products for big events and public events . These products are a bit complex in design . So it needs at least 2 operators to be presented on site to avoid accidents . Due to complexity in design and sizes we mostly manufacture these products as 2-3 pieces and arrange these together . It will even help you to ease out the burden of carrying very heavy products around .

These products mainly has 2 or 3 laps in a competition . But some health organizations use these inflatable obstacle courses as a catalyst for rehabilitation process as well . With softer materials and durability it will come in handy for any organization.

Inflatable Water slides

Water slides are in a different league . Even though we mention it as water slides we categorize dry slides as well in this section . So all slides no matter what condition it is used are superior in any event or family gathering . Sliding is so much fun for kids and adults . Therefore these are mostly used in family events and small birthday parties . Not only on small events but also cooperate events and public get togethers are also entertained by bigger slides . Therefore We might write another full article on waterslides and dry slides alone in the future . Until we reach you with much more professional article about these water slides we suggest you to read our article titled where to Find Inflatable Water Slides In our blog posts .

Inflatable games

Inflatable games are very popular among rental customers . Since these are a bit high in budget people tend to rent those for the events . We manufacture these in big quantities . So you may need bit more turn around time for these inflatable games .

Zorb balls and water walkers

One of the hottest selling items we got in our inventory . Because of the unlimited entertainment it provides and ability to use it as a calory burning activity . these products drives more and more attention from individual customers .

Inflatable Tents and pubs

These products are mostly in to commercial sector . Used for your own brand promotion and host of public events , This category includes wedding tents as well . Therefore we might discuss these in detail in another article in the future . It will cover all your branding options and how we can design these tents the way you want with changeable themes and brands .

Inflatable pubs are also kind of tents with printed pub outside . And inside we can manufacture cubicles and open space to emulate a real pub . Contact us today to get more information and discuss how we can help you design your own pub .

Conclusion on this article of choosing suitable product for your event and organization

We hope you got better understand of which product to use on which occasion on your entertainment list . As we discuss above we entertain commercial branding and redesigning of each and every product for your need . We assure every redesigning is up to Australian standards and guaranteed quality and durability . Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this article and let us know what sort of information you seek from our next articles .