How to choose jumping castles for best prices

How to choose jumping castles for best prices

Thinking of purchasing few bouncy castles for your business ? Or you want your kids happy with their own jumping castle ? We have few guidlines and suggestions for you to choose best quality with best prices in Australian market . Get your produt for the best price with best warranty without any suprises after the purchase .

Many parents or new comers for bouncy castle hire business , Ends up paying way over the initial budget they allocate because they doesn’t really know the process that much .

Therefore this guide will definitely help you to be experienced and choose your products like a professional .

What kind of an inflatable you are looking for

When it comes to jumping castles those are catogarized in to two main parts .

  1. Domestic quality products made out of oxford rexine
  2. Commercial grade products made out of commercial grade PVC

There are many differences in commercial grade products it self as well . But first lets find out what are the differences between domestic grade and commercial grade products .

Domestic quality

As mention above domestic quality products are made out of oxford clothes and very light in weight and very fragile in strength . And you can find these for a very cheap price in the market . Therefore these products are not suitable for kids over 6 yeas of age . Most noteworthy fact is the average life span of these products are 5-6 months . In this article we are not going to talk more about domestic quality . So this is the most we discuss about this here .

Commercial quality

Our expertise stands on commercial grade inflatables . Therefore you will find in dept discussion about commercial grade products in this article .

 Commercial grade products are made out of heavy duty PVC . Most of these materials are specially made for jumping castle manufacturing . Therefore if you purchase these from a reputed factory you can use these products for minimum 5 years .

How to source jumping castles online

Easiest method of sourcing for a supplier is by using google . if you simply type in the words “commercial jumping castles for sale” you can find 100’s of suppliers online . first go on to the suppliers website and browse all the pages from the menu . Check out which company offers most information about the products . Best way to do this is find out if they offer a blog . If they got a blog with many supportive information . They looks like a trust worthy company .

Get list of products suitable for your budget and need

Instead of asking these suppliers for the full price list , We suggest you to give as much information as possible about your need and budget . Because most reputed companies are reluctant to send full list of prices . So in order to get the best you need you better give more of your information to them and get which ones are in your range to purchase . This will help you to save your time as well .

If you are not sure of your budget . You better give them a call and discuss your options via phone rather than sending an email to ask price list .

Make sure the quotation includes every cost

This is a common problem our customers are facing when they purchase from oveseas factories . They think they got a better deal . But once the product arrives at the depot there in for many surprises . As the fee adds up so quickly and finally ends up paying far more than an Australian supplier originally quote . You must keep in mind every jumping castle you import from overseas has lots of extra fee to be paid at the port .

  • Destination fee
  • Customs clearing fee
  • GST
  • TAX
  • quarantine and handling fee

With all these fee paid .You will end up similar or sometimes over than an Australian supplier originally quote you . Most of the suppliers will not tell you these fee . But these are implemented by the government except the destination fee and you must pay all these in order to release your cargo from the port .

Most of Australian suppliers quote the price including each and every cost . And they are liable for a refund if the cost exceeds than the original quote . Therefore we suggest you to go with an Australian supplier for your purchase . We are here to help you to get your business going without a worry . You can read our business guide to gain more knowledge .

Australian inflatables guarantee you we give you the best prices comparing to any Australian supplier . And you will only pay what was mentioned in the invoice not a single cent extra . We also guarantee you there won’t be more costs than you purchase from jumping castle suppliers in China . As we have our own factory . We can provide you competitive prices as Chinese suppliers .

Australian standard and purchase from overseas quality

Next most important aspect of choosing a high class commercial grade product is the quality . at a glance of a picture you will find the products are similar and why should we pay extra ? But the hard truth is far beyond of your imagination . If the supplier is in Australia they are liable for the quality and longevity of the product . Therefore they never cut corners to decreese the cost of the product . there are different materials used by different factories starting from the commercial grade PVC it self until the small D-ring used on the anchor points .

Unfortunately most customers are not aware of this . They comes in to the conclusion so fast just by looking at the pictures . And go for the product which is only cheaper by 100-200 dollars ( you might find the price difference more than this if you compare with Chinese supplier . This is because they don’t add destination fee in to the invoice . And there are many hidden fees at the destination ) . But finally pays the price as the lifespan of the jumping castle decreases due to the poor materials they use .

Australian Inflatables guarantee you we only use standard materials for all our products and never cut corners in order to gain market advantage . We already has the market advantage in price comparing with other suppliers . But we don’t want to lower our standards to compete with overseas factories . You can find more information about Australian standard compliance here

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