Your Guide to Jumping Castle Rentals: How to Find Great Jump Houses for a Good Price

Your Guide to Jumping Castle Rentals: How to Find Great Jump Houses for a Good Price

Your Guide to Jumping Castle Rentals

Inflatables are great to have at your child’s birthday but they can get expensive. Are you interested in jumping castle rentals? Here’s how to save.

Clown, check!

Princess cake, check!

Invitations to the party filled with glitter, check!

But, aren’t you forgetting something?

The most loved and used aspect at any kid’s bash, the jumping castle!

Jump castles dazzle guests and provides an exciting atmosphere for the kiddos turn burn off some energy! Jumping castles can be tailored to your specific event and accent your existing theme. The best part for parents is they are safe!

Planning for your child’s birthday party can be a stressful time, especially, when the expenses start to add up. On average, parents are spending $400 before presents on their kid’s birthday parties. We all want our children to be over-the-moon happy and for everyone in attendance to have a great time, but we also don’t want to break the bank.

Jumping castle rentals end up being a large portion of your party budget, but are there are ways to save and find the best deals?

Read on to learn tricks and tips for finding the best deals and how to save on a jump castle rental at your next event!

How to Save on Jumping Castle Rentals and Jump Houses

Here are our five favorite tips on how to save when you’re looking to rent a jump house.

1. Choose a Cost-Effective Location

The most cost effective location for a birthday is your home. Jumping castle rentals need space and can only be placed on certain types of turf such as grass. So, if you have a backyard and enough space then using your home as the party location saves you some dollars!

The alternative is if you do not have the space at your home or don’t want kids walking through your house with dirty shoes, then opt for a park location. Contact local parks and inquire about their permit prices for jumping houses and if they allow them.

Compare possible venues including indoor spaces in order to get the best deal!

2. Match the Guest List to the Jump House

There’s no need to rent a jump house that is capable of entertaining 25-30 guests when only 10 are invited. Tell the rental company exactly how many jumpers you would like to accommodate at one time and ask to receive pricing for only that amount of guests.

3. Match the Needs of the Jumpers to the Jump Castle Rental

Some jumping castle rentals are suited for the size of a child, whereas others can allow adults and teens to join in on the fun. If the party is for younger children, then opt for the smaller jumping house in order to save money.

4. Mind Your Budget

Always pay attention to your budget! Since a jumping castle can be a source of continuous entertainment at your party make it a priority in your budget. Cut down on other party costs by shopping by avoiding party stores, buying in bulk and not providing a meal.

5. Invest in Your Own Jump House

If you have more than one child, it may be a good investment to purchase your very own jump house. It will cost more money upfront, but in the long run it will pay for itself!

The added bonus? Feel free to loan or rent out your jump castle rental to your friends, family or neighbors.

Ready to Jump into More Information about Jumping Castle Rentals?

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Our goal is to make sure that our customers get the most out of their jumping castle investments. Shop today for your next jumping castle and visit our blog for more jumping castle tips and information!

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