How to find inflatable water slides for sale in Australia

How to find inflatable water slides for sale in Australia

Water slides are unique and famous entertainment during summer. With kids on summer holiday and increased heat on summer time . Play on water gives best entertainment plus cooling the body due to excessive sunshine. Therefore you must choose the best products for your family or even for your business depending on your affordability and ROI. So in our point of view if you are investing in a water slide for your family or business we recommend to get something lasts longer . So it will be a good investment as it was only one time spend and you boost your entertainment 100s of times from one investment . Not only it gives the chance to use multiple times but also you can re sell it to get some more profit.

Things to consider when choosing a suitable product for your requirement

You may want to buy a water slide for a family reunion or family party, sometimes you may have a public even and looking for a suitable product or you may consider having one of these products for every occasion. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what kind of a product you require and how can you source one for the maximum return on your investment.

First you must gather some more information on your requirement. And then decide on how long you need the product and what are your plans for the product after the main event. Most of the time we tend to buy a product to use on multiple occasions and thought on best return for the cost you pay is most important. Below you will find some important facts to consider

  1. Trustworthiness of the supplier, If you are an Australian better buy from registered Australian company with a valid ABN. As Australian companies are liable for after sale service and other quality issues your purchase is always safe when buy from an Australian company
  2. Compliance with Australian Standards and certification please read this article to learn more
  3. Warranty period and hassle-free warranty claim, As we mention above all those suppliers states that there is warranty for the products, But how can you claim warranty or dispute an issue regarding quality of other matters with overseas supplier? Are they legally liable for any claims? Therefore, these are some important facts you must consider before investing on a product.
  4. Size and complexity of the product, As you may already know the cost of a product depends on the size and price of the product. Therefore, you must get an idea of the available space and they type of the event. Bigger and complex the product if more expensive the price will be. So it all depends on prestige levels and type of usage.
  5. Use of materials and certifications to prove the same materials were used when manufacturing. If you contact couple of suppliers, you may find they says similar materials. But how can you be sure about that? As we mention couple of times above. Real Australian company with ABN are liable to provide what they sell and legally bonded to provide what they state.
  6. What kind of a product you need? simple water slide, dry and wet slide or simply a dry slide. We recommend getting a dry and wet slide as you can use it in every occasion including winter season if need additional entertainment for family. Plus it will be a hot selling and renting item if you ever consider sell or rent it our for some extra cash.

How can you find a suitable commercial grade water slide which suits you perfectly?

You can find many suppliers on the internet if you search inflatable water slides Australia but if you take a closer look most of them are from China. And when you compare prices of all these suppliers you will find Australian and USA suppliers stand high above all in terms of price. But why is the difference? Is it because high profit margins? or it is because material cost or is that because something else ? we try our best to explain all facts below to the best of our knowledge for your information .

In USA there are many branding and registering conflicts going on , therefore the product needs invest a lot and maintain the ownership . Therefore, the cost of the product goes up. But why does Australian suppliers got higher prices? Simple answer is, on paper the price is higher than Chinese suppliers but lower than USA suppliers. Is there a difference in quality? Apparently, the difference is the pricing structure. As most of the materials are not manufactured in Australia we face many other costs to manufacture these products such as shipping cost, port handling , tax and transport costs, therefore even though we provide better quality with warranty than Chinese suppliers our prices tends to be on higher side on paper . But when you add shipping transport and other expenses to import these from China,  you will find Australian suppliers give slightly high price than Chinese suppliers . Yet All our water slides for sale are in superior quality with long lasting life span for every occasion , Therefore we guarantee the quality of the products are way above any other suppliers including USA .

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying an inflatable water slide you must consider which gives best value for your investment. As we repeatedly state above. Longevity of the product is more important. Even if you have limited budget. you can sell the product you got for reasonable price if it is still functional. Not to forget you could use these slides commercially only if you got commercial grade certificate from and registered Australian company.

Conclusion of the article and facts to get into our mind before committing for a product

There are many suppliers around the world can provide these products, some are just average some are worst, and some are way above all. But As Australians we must consider all facts given to get best return for our money. Mainly because we can consider this as an investment. Therefore, best investment we can get if we are to purchase an inflatable water slide is to buy these products from Australian based company with an Australian business number.

Couple of our hot selling products for family

  1. Cheap inflatable water slide – This slide is the best for family gatherings and small family parties . or even to enjoy summer with kids . you can watch a video of the product here
  2. 20 feet high double bay wet and dry slide – this slide is the best of both worlds. perfect for family plus best for renting out. with the price we offer and dual lanes it got. perfect investment for your business or family. watch 20 feet high double bay dry and wet slide on youtube

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