Important Safety Information About Children’s Jumping Castles That All Parents Should Know

Important Safety Information About Children’s Jumping Castles That All Parents Should Know

Important Safety Information About Children’s Jumping Castles

Children’s jumping castles are perfect for your child’s party. But are they safe? They’re definitely safe, but here’s some information all parents should know.

Children’s jumping castles are the ultimate addition to any family get together or youth birthday party. They provide tons of fun for all the kids in a safe, controlled environment that parents love.

Still, it’s good to know a thing or two about jump house safety to ensure everyone has a fun time. This is especially important if you’re the host of the party or if your kids are a little younger/older than everyone else’s. A bit of safety insight makes the difference between everyone having a memorable, good time or someone’s child getting hurt.

Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind if you plan to have kids in a jump house at your upcoming event.

1. Set Ground Rules with All the Children

Establishing simple, clear rules is the best way to keep your children safe.

Make sure all the children understand how many people can be in the jump house at one time, and give them a time limit for taking turns if you expect a lot of children at the party.

Talk to them about the importance of taking their shoes off and set clear expectations about roughhousing, too.

2. Be Careful with Things like Glasses and Jewellery

As nice as an adult reminder is, most children do understand they need to take their shoes off before entering a jump house. However, they may not stop to think about their glasses or their jewellery .

The last thing anyone wants is for their child’s glasses to break or their favorite necklace to be lost. Not to mention, it would be a shame to have a little girl’s hair get caught in her bracelet or a freshly-pierced ear to somehow get hit.

Make an extra effort to talk to children with sensitive items like glasses and jewellery before they enter the jump house. This way, everyone can have a good, safe time.

3. Take Turns Supervising

It’s the responsibility of all adults at the party to ensure the safety of their children and everyone else’s. As such, it’s not a bad idea to take turns supervising the jumping castle. This gives all the parents a chance to mingle and interact, and it encourages the sense of shared responsibility.

4. Notice the Condition of the Jumping Castle

Part of supervising the jumping castle goes beyond watching the children and correcting them if they try to bend the rules. It also means paying attention to the condition of the castle.

If the wind starts to pick up it may be a good idea to take a break from using the jumping castle for a little while. More so, if the castle starts to deflate it’s imperative that all the children exit immediately in a safe, calm manner.

5. Let the Professionals Handle Setting Up and Breaking Down

It’s pretty easy to notice when something is wrong with the jumping castle if you know what to look for. But, it’s smart to let the professionals handle setting it up and breaking it down. This gives you one less thing to worry about as the host and it creates the best safety measures for everyone who will be using the castle.

Find the Ultimate Children’s Jumping Castles

It’s one thing to educate yourself about children’s jumping castle safety and another to find the perfect castle for your upcoming event.

Children’s jumping castles range in size and theme. They’re typically best for young children but there are some made specifically for toddlers as well as inflatable pubs and tents for adults!

There’s no limit to how much fun everyone will have if you find the right one. Click here to browse all the jumping castles and other inflatable spaces we have available.

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