Unbelievable Fun: Inflatable Military and Water Obstacle Courses

Unbelievable Fun: Inflatable Military and Water Obstacle Courses

Are you looking to take your outdoor event to the next level this summer? Look no further than inflatable military and water obstacle courses from Australian Inflatables. Our obstacle courses are designed to provide an incredible amount of fun and excitement, while delivering a unique challenge for all ages.

We offer the highest quality products on the market, made right here in Australia with the latest safety standards in mind. Our obstacle courses come equipped with reliable blowers for quick and easy setup, as well as durable materials that can handle multiple uses throughout your summer events.

Our military courses feature realistic inflatable barriers and cones that walkers must navigate through. For an even greater challenge, our water obstacles also feature slippery surfaces and water elements so participants can get wet while they enjoy hours of fun. Plus, each obstacle comes with its own unique design, making them ideal for competitive events or friendly family gatherings.

No matter what the occasion may be, Australian Inflatables has an inflatable military or water obstacle course that can take your event to the next level. Let us help make your event one to remember!

Different Types of Inflatable Obstacle Courses for Sale

Are you ready for some unbelievable fun? Inflatable obstacle courses are exactly what you need for your next event, whether it’s for kids or adults! These courses come in various sizes and popular themes, such as Avengers, Frozen, Spiderman and Star Wars. Best of all, they can be easily set up in both indoor and outdoor locations.

When it comes to features, these courses have everything – from push-throughs and crawl-throughs to pop-ups, tire runs, climbers, slides and bouncing areas. With so much variety available in one obstacle course, everyone will find something they love! And they’re suitable for both kids and adults to enjoy.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring unbelievable fun to your next event with an inflatable obstacle course – they come in a range of themes that the whole family can enjoy at any location!

Features of a Commercial Inflatable Obstacle Course

A commercial inflatable obstacle course offers a range of exciting features to help you engage your audience and offer an unforgettable experience. Many courses include:

  • Push-throughs
  • Crawl-throughs
  • Pop-ups
  • Tire runs
  • Climbers
  • Slides
  • Bouncing areas

These commercial quality products are supplied with reliable commercial grade zippers, Velcro covers and back flow flaps for the deflation zippers. The functions of a commercial inflatable obstacle course range from fast shuttle, crawling, popping obstacles, sliding, climbing and even bouncing areas. With all these features, a commercial inflatable obstacle course is the perfect way to offer an action-packed and thrilling experience to your audience.

Benefits of an Inflatable Military or Water Course

If you’re looking for a unique way to keep your military or water operation personnel entertained, then consider the benefits of installing an inflatable obstacle course. Not only are they durable and low-maintenance, but their range of adjustable features makes them perfect for a variety of activities. When you run successful rental business these obstacle courses are sure thing to have. You can get in dept review about how to use inflatable obstacle courses for profit by reading this blog post it will guide you through your business for these products.

Inflatable decoys can be used as part of small team training exercises, while rigid inflatable boats provide more stability and safety during operations. And with large customizable art panels, you can add a personalized touch to each course that speaks to your brand message.

Plus, if you choose an Australian Inflatables course, you can rest assured that it meets the requirements of Australian Standards—meaning it is safe and reliable for its users—and comes with a one-year warranty.

what are inflatable military obstacle courses

Inflatable military obstacle courses are an exciting and fun way to test strength and agility. These courses are often used as team-building activities, helping to bring people together in friendly competition. They can also be used as a tool for personal exercise, helping to train balance and agility.

No matter what your goals are, Australian Inflatables offers the perfect inflatable military obstacle course to help you reach them. Our courses range in size from 84-85 feet long, making them perfect for any indoor or outdoor event. The commercial grade material is compliant with all Australian Standards, ensuring the safest experience possible.

what are inflatable obstacle courses with water slides

Inflatable obstacle courses with water slides offer one the opportunity to have a splashy and adventurous fun time. These courses consist of tunnels, obstacles, slides, splash pools, and more that provide a truly unique experience for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Inflatable water obstacle courses are especially popular not only because of the fun-filled activities that come with them but also due to their convenience. They can be safely and quickly set up in any location, as long as it has enough space. Some inflatable water parks can even feature an obstacle course, trampoline, climbing wall, swings and water polo – they are perfect for outdoor birthday celebrations or pool parties.

The materials used to make inflatable water obstacle courses are strong enough to last several years while still being lightweight and easy to transport. They are also designed to be resistant to damage from weather conditions like heat and cold throughout the year.

why military themed obstacle courses are popular

Military themed obstacle courses have become a popular choice among participants thanks to their ability to challenge and push physical and mental boundaries. These courses are designed to improve skills, evaluate progress and weaknesses of individuals, and easily adaptable for multiple purposes.

These features make military obstacle courses an ideal recreation for both private and commercial events, such as school graduation activities, team building exercises, or corporate events.

The versatility of these obstacle courses also appeals to a wide range of age groups – from young children through to fitness fanatics. Whether you want a fun way to get your family active or an innovative way for your business clients to bond with each other, Australian Inflatables has you covered.

Our tried-and-tested military obstacle course range bring together the best of both worlds – challenging obstacles with a unique theme that always capture the attention of all involved. So come join the adventure and find out why these inflatable military themed obstacle courses have become a popular phenomenon in recent years!

Quality Standards for an Inflatable Obstacle Course

When it comes to choosing an inflatable military and water obstacle course, the quality of the product is paramount. Quality materials and craftsmanship should always be top of mind when making such a significant purchase.

At Australian Inflatables, each and every one of their commercial grade obstacle courses is made with utmost care, ensuring they meet or exceed the ASTM standards. In addition to this, they also pass the compliance certification tests set out by New Jersey and Pennsylvania guidelines for inflatable amusements.

The safety of participants is a key priority of Australian Inflatables and as such all their obstacle courses come with:

  • IPC 50 certification
  • 50 Obstacle Course approved by New Jersey and Pennsylvania guidelines for inflatable amusements
  • A 1.5 HP Heavy-Duty Commercial Blower
  • 8 Steel J-hook stakes
  • Heavy-duty Storage Bag
  • Business Card Holder
  • Safety sign

How to Choose an Inflatable Course for Sale in Australia

When choosing an inflatable obstacle course for sale in Australia, there are several factors to consider. From the range of sizes and designs on offer, you’ll need to have a good idea of what layout will best suit your purpose:


Inflatables come in a diverse range of sizes, so you’ll want to choose one that fits the area you have available. It’s important to factor in room for people moving around the space and also any additional features such as safety padding or accessories like balls.


It pays to invest in quality when it comes to inflatable obstacle courses, as they are safety features after all. Make sure your chosen manufacturer is certified and meets Australia’s standards for producing safe, durable inflatables with heavy-duty materials and stitching techniques.


You can find a wide range of popular inflatables on offer such as Tuff Nutterz slides, Water Wars and Army Assault courses – ranging from 10m to 30m lengths for any event! Purchasing these ready-made products is quick and easy as they come ready-to-ship with everything you need to set them up hassle-free.

Installation and Maintenance of an Inflatable Course in Australia

When it comes to setting up and maintaining your inflatable course, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Installation and Delivery of Poles

The building crew will deliver and install the poles, so you don’t have to worry about doing any lifting yourself. The poles are made from galvanized steel which ensures strength and durability throughout their lifetime.

Repairs, Maintenance and Certification Services

To lengthen the life span of your inflatable product and keep it in compliance with Australian Standards, Australian Inflatables offers repair, maintenance and certification services. This preventative maintenance means that any repair work can be done safely and quickly at a minimal cost.

Self-Servicing of Lifejackets

Regular scheduled inspections as well as self-servicing of existing lifejackets are recommended to ensure they are in good working order at all times. The servicing team will thoroughly inspect the lifejackets before taking any further action.


The world of inflatable military and water obstacle courses is both exciting and fun-filled. Inflatable obstacle courses have been proven to add fun to any event or gathering, and there is no better way to guarantee an unforgettable experience for your family and friends than with an inflatable obstacle course from Australian Inflatables. Boarding an obstacle course can be an exceptional way to challenge your physicality and push your limits, as you traverse through them. For extreme and unbeatable fun, look no further than Australian Inflatables for your next inflatable military or water obstacle course. Navigate here to contact us today to discuss more.