Jumping Castles Made For Australians

Jumping Castles Made For Australians

Introduction To Australian Inflatables

From 2016 Australian Inflatables started to produce Australian quality products . Since then we’ve helped 100’s of small business to gain reputation as  reliable inflatable rental services . Because we always produce jumping castles with high quality and longevity in mind , Consequently all our productions comes out as perfect commercial grade inflatables . Throughout our production process we ensure the product is suitable for daily heavy duty usages . Due to our 2 years stitch to stitch warranty ,  You can get on with your rental business with ease . We assure you worry free business while the inflatables are under warranty . There will be no repair fee from your part to be paid for repairs .

We got wide range of safe amusement rides for you to select from . furthermore Australian inflatables is a company to develop with customers .  Therefore we are always open to customers suggestions . If you need a jumping castle  with your very own design , Our friendly designing staff will be there to help you create the product you need the way you need .

Reinforced commercial grade inflatables

As promised Australian inflatable create reinforced jumping castles . We are not using the name ” double reinforced ” as some of our clients asks . Main reason for that is  , Sometimes our reinforcements reaches up to quadruple times depending on the product . This is our secret in creating high quality commercial grade jumping castles for our prestigious customers . Therefore We can guarantee the safety of your investment when ever you decide to buy jumping castles from us .

Assured Australian standard every step of the way

We manufacture all our commercial jumping castles to Australian standards . So any business is safe using our products in their business .We offer wider range of jumping castles than any of our competitors . Not only the range we offer is huge but also we offer the jumping castle with your own brand . Therefore you will have an added advantage from the competition  . Because it lets you display your logo and phone numbers to the public free of charge . Any event you hire your products there will be more possibilities to catch the attention of a potential customer .

You will get best value products for the price you pay

We always care about you . Either you purchase from us or looking for more information . We always educate you with trends and all the information you needs to know about inflatables business . Therefore we’ve prepared this step by step guide to startup your jumping castle business . We believe you deserve nothing but the best . And we don’t want you to be scammed by any foreign supplier . Because we got lots of horror stories of people purchase from overseas . Sometimes they end up getting nothing at all or end up paying way over the initial cost once the products arrives in Australia . Therefore we made this guide about how to choose jumping castles professionally

Location and delivery

We are located in Wauchope NSW . Special free delivery service available to main cities in Australia such as  Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane , Perth , Adelaide , Gold Coast and Darwin just to name few . Australian inflatables factory always ready offer you delivery the way you prefer  when ever it is possible .  Please contact us to get your jumping castle delivered to your door . Our normal delivery method will be from factory to the closest port .

Production capacity and range

We can produce any kind of jumping castle ,  Either it is sealed air or constant air . We are specialized in manufacturing huge inflatables . Specially huge inflatable water slides with pool  . And inflatable water parks . If you are in to huge water slides we can provide you with a special rated quote . Simply dial our hotline 0288805570 . Or contact us via sales@australian-inflatables.com


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