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We got high Australian quality unique and Inflatable Water Slides For Sale .  So browse through our water slide catalog  . Feel free to contact us any time , So we can assist with your requirement . Check these if you are looking for jumping castles

huge inflatable water slide suitable for huge events or theme parks . this huge dragon inflatable water slide will make your party rental company stand out from the rest of inflatable hiring companies for sure We can deliver Dragon Water Slide to most places in Australia and special delivery facilities available to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast

All water slides for sale in our Australian Inflatables website are comply to standard with strict guide lines for production quality . Therefore all the water slides you find here are commercial grade with reinforced technology hence triple or quadruple stitches where high tensile strength needed . At Australian Inflatables we got even more designs for you to choose from . Range from huge water slides to normal slides, Most noteworthy fact is all our water slides will suit your business perfectly . Either it is a grown up business or a start up party hiring business . We are sure most of you need glamours and out standing inflatable slides to amaze your customers . So it will attract more business . Therefore we got all these adventurous blow up water slides for sale .

Furthermore at Australian Inflatables we are specialized in manufacturing custom made inflatable slides . So feel free to contact us any time with your requirement . We can produce the inflatable slide as you need . We are the only Australian factory who got custom made slip n slidesslides for sale call us on 0288805570 for more details

Where to buy inflatable water slides ?


First of all why do you need to hire or buy blow up slides . In the hot summer we all want to cool our self’s . So what are the cooling options we got ? Using an electrical equipment seems like an option . But will it entertain kids ? Furthermore isn’t it feel boring to stay indoor in bright and sunny days ?

Seems like you already know the answer to all of the above questions . But we rather post the answer here in this article . Because it is the soul purpose of this article… Seems like use an inflatable slide stands out above all as an answer . But safety standards for inflatable water slide is very important . As a result Australian Inflatables provides you a suitable answer . Certainly you can buy these products locally from Australian Inflatables . Also you can find why and how you should buy water slides .

How to choose perfect fitting water slide for your family or party hire business


There are many suppliers in Australia got these kind of slides for sale . Some are importers from overseas manufacturers . While Some are directly selling from overseas . You would have probably encountered various suppliers . So how to choose the perfect company to buy inflatable water slide you need

Our advise is to purchase from a company who have Australian representation . Because it will be so much easy to claim warranty if something happens . Furthermore you may be able to check the quality of the product before buy it . And certainly you can save at least 10 % of your money because there is no currency conversion involved .

Avoid mistakes while purchasing your product

Choosing a blow up water slide would be rather tedious work specially for commercial purposes . Because there are many factors to consider safety wise and

Quality wise . Australian Inflatables factory manufactures commercial grade inflatables . Most noteworthy fact is we got global standard inflatable products for sale

What are the most suitable water slides for your purpose 

Seems like this topic is more relevant for budding party hiring companies . Or rather families contemplating on what product is more suitable for them . Therefore we decided to give you some suggestions  . This is rather a list of products from our hot selling list . Therefore it includes big water slides and back yard water slides as well

Suggested hot selling inflatable slides for party hire companies


Inflatable water slide

So this is the first and most selling water slide in our inventory . Due to the price and design . This product attract both family and commercial customers . Therefore we decide to include this here as well as suggestion for family use down below .

Dual Lane Dry And Wet Slide

This dual lane dry and wet slide is rather popular among Brisbane party hiring companies . While we are not sure why , but certainly this slide sold out more in Brisbane than in Sydney . But most noteworthy fact is . This is most certainly one of the hottest selling inflatable water slide suitable for party hiring companies

Tropical Water Slide

Even though in contrast to the sales first year this product was released . May be this tropical water slide decreased in number of sales . But yet it seems like this product still got the power to present it self. As an eye catching slide for commercial customers yet .

Cliff Hanger dry or wet slide

Here we go . Above all this cliff hanger stands out as the hottest selling yet most exciting inflatable slide for our customers . Certainly this got the kick and the attraction to be the glamours slide in your hiring armory . The most noteworthy amendment we did for this cliff hanger slide is . Instead of rather making a traditional dry slide . We  made it as a wet and dry slide hence it add more excitement . Plus ability to hire out most times of the year

Wipe out Dry/Wet inflatable Slide

In contrast this wipe out slide yet got the edge over the 20 Feet High Double Bay Dry/Wet Slide

. But we it would rather replace wipe out inflatable slide soon . Because the version is a bit out dated now .

Suggested hot selling slides for family use


Inflatable water slide

You must have seen our comments above . Due to the fact that it is equally popular . Among our commercial customers as well as family users . This is certainly got what it takes to make any event even more attractive .

Dual lane rain bow slip and slide water slide

This slip and slide water slide is another new models we got . But due to it’s design and looks . Most family users prefer this slip and slide water slide . Hence this become one of the suggested model for family buyers .

Cheap Inflatable Water slide For Family

So as the name suggest . This cheap inflatable water slide certainly suitable for family . Therefore we get most inquiries from families for this product . We are certain that this would probably fit for medium sized family gathering .


We hope you’ve got a fair bit of knowledge because of this article . Hence We hope it will help you in finding the perfect inflatable water slide we got for sale  . Furthermore please check any water slide is made to global standards . Australian standard inflatables are  compulsory if you are using these products commercially . We strictly follow all the guidelines on Australian standards for commercial  inflatables while manufacturing . You may be just looking for a normal back yard water slide . Or sometimes you might be looking for big water slides we got all of those . Finally we are available for your assistance 24/7 so feel free to dial our number any time . Because we care you always .