Inflatable Obstacle Course – Made by Australian Inflatables

Are you planning special event’s or fund raisers ? Then you must have these products in your armory . All products are manufactured to Australian standards and ready to use in any commercial event . We got the ability to customize any of the below products .  Not only the customization for these but also branding options available with your own company logo . Fill out the price inquiry form, or for multiple inquiries please add the desired item to product inquiry cart. So you can request product prices as a bulk order. So please fill out one of these convenient options to get in touch with us today . Navigate here if you are looking for normal inflatable water slide for sale .

These products are really fun . Specially because it gives excellent chance to be competitive . Therefore special events and school fundraising events are in need of these . So our products comes as the best choice in Australia   . Because the designs are standard . Therefore there is lesser chance in causing an accident .  Because the surface is smooth and bouncy all the way through . At Australian Inflatables we got most safe and unique products for sale .  We even got few inflatable pool obstacle course  as well . Feel free to contact us any time . We will be there to assist you any time of the day . As you see above . We welcome customized orders . We got our own factory . Therefore we can design any product the way you needs it . Not only the design but also it can be branded with your own logo . So you can stand out from the rest of the competition with extra advertising .

Why you shouldn’t look for products in craigslist

Craigslist is a good place to find used inflatables. There are some other online platforms as well such as gumtree ebay and many more at your fingertips.  But you should really look for professional manufactures to get most safe and best value products. Further more We made it really convenient to find us online and send multiple requests for products. Why we ask you to go for a professional factory to get your products done ? Because it is highly unlikely that you will get a warranty or a brand new product when you purchase through craigslist ads . And we are sure you can get these products for an unbeatable price from Australian Inflatables . Not only the warranty but also we got a physical location and registered Australian business to prove our trustworthiness. We produce all types  of inflatables. As we mention above we got Australian owned and operated factory with guaranteed best prices all over Australia. Please navigate here to if you are interested in our jumping castles .

These courses are easy to be customized . Therefore it will be real fun and eye catching to show case your very own custom made inflatable obstacle course . Even it can be a hybrid inflatable water slide course . Therefore this unique design will definitely be the main attraction at your special event . Feel free to contact us to discuss more on how we can produce your customized inflatable . Many options are available for your liking . But most noteworthy fact is . Our qualified designers will design your product to required standards . Please contact our friendly staff to assist you further with your requirement today . Call us at our Sydney office 0288805570 .