Inflatable obstacle course – Made By Australian Inflatables

Commercial grade obstacle courses gain lot of revenue and more attraction in special events . So We got some must have obstacle course for you to choose from . 

This jump and slide  island is similar to the daredevil island . This is a very unique inflatable slide with inflatable stunt bag . It adds adventure for your event . If you are in the rental business . This one is definitely something to loo on to . Because it sure help you to stand out from your competition . This exciting new innovative game is fun for everyone . Australian inflatables got lots of fun games for you . Also you can check our jumping castles for sale section if need bounce houses .
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There are home made obstacle courses as well . But inflatable obstacle courses are really fun  . Because the designs are standard . Therefore there is lesser chance in causing an accident .  Because the surface is smooth and bouncy all the way through . At Australian Inflatables we got most safe and unique inflatable obstacle course for sale .  We even got few inflatable pool obstacle course for sale as well . Feel free to contact us any time . We will be there to assist you any time of the day .

Why you shouldn’t look for inflatable obstacle courses in craigslist

Craigslist is a good place to find used inflatables . But you should really look for professional manufactures to get most safe and best value obstacle courses . Because it is highly unlikely that you will get a warranty or a brand new product when you purchase through craigslist ads . And we are sure you can get inflatable obstacle courses for an unbeatable price from Australian Inflatables . We produce all types  of inflatables . Please navigate here to if you are interested in our jumping castles .

obstacle courses are easy to be customized . Therefore it will be real fun and eye catching to show case your very own custom made inflatable obstacle course . Even it can be a hybrid inflatable water slide obstacle course . Therefore this unique design will definitely be the main attraction at your special event . Feel free to contact us to discuss more on how we can produce your customized inflatable . Many options are available for your liking . But most noteworthy fact is . Our qualified designers will design your product to required standards . Please contact our friendly staff to assist you further with your requirement today . Call us at our Sydney office 0288805570 .