blue crush inflatable water slide 22feet

blue crush inflatable water slide 22feet

Eye catching inflatable water slide with cool tropical theme .

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blue crush inflatable water slide is a colourful product . With combination of marble blue , gray and green it adds tropical watery feeling by the first look . Therefore this water slide will attract plenty of renters for your business . This product got mainly marble blue color with layers of gray and green to add glamour . Below are few of the features of this unique slide


Features :

  • Tall slide with enough length
  •  Colourful eye catching design
  • Decorated with palm trees for tropical feeling for users
  • Big enough pool at the end
  • Standard barrier at the end for extra safety
  • Safety hand rail
  • Safety net for extra safety
  • Hose hooks for extra water pumping
  • slide with enough space to prevent scratches

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