blue crush inflatable water slide 22feet

Dive into summer with a tropical-themed inflatable water slide that’s the life of the party. Standing at 22 feet, its seafoam green and azure blue curves recall the ocean waves, while palm tree turrets complete the island vibe, making it a must-have for any backyard.

Dive into summer with this tropical-themed inflatable water slide that’s making waves as the star attraction of any party. Measuring an impressive 22 feet, this slide is designed to leave a lasting impression. Its sleek, undulating curves in seafoam green and azure blue PVC mirror the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves, beckoning riders to take the exhilarating plunge into the cool splash pool below. Flanked by two palm tree-adorned turrets, this slide instantly transforms any backyard into a temporary beach paradise. Crafted to meet the stringent safety standards of Australia, you can enjoy the thrill of the ride without any worries. When the sun is beaming and the mercury is soaring, slip into your swimsuit, turn on the hose, and get ready for a splashing good time. After all, summer only graces us once a year, so why not make a big splash and seize the moment?

The Blue Crush inflatable water slide is a vibrant product, boasting a captivating combination of marble blue, gray, and green hues that evoke a tropical aquatic ambiance at first glance. Its striking color scheme is sure to attract numerous renters for your business. With predominantly marble blue coloring, accented by layers of gray and green, this unique slide exudes a sense of glamour and allure. Here are some notable features of this exceptional inflatable water slide on sale.

Features :

  • Tall slide with enough length
  •  Colourful eye catching design
  • Decorated with palm trees for tropical feeling for users
  • Big enough pool at the end
  • Standard barrier at the end for extra safety
  • Safety hand rail
  • Safety net for extra safety
  • Hose hooks for extra water pumping
  • slide with enough space to prevent scratches

It features a longer slide and pool at the bottom, making it perfect for family days and large backyard get-togethers. With palm trees printed on top creating an island feel, your guests will have plenty of time for fun without sacrificing safety. Australian Inflatables can tailor all products to your preferences. Get in touch with us by phone or fill out the contact form above to discuss your requirements in more detail. Embrace endless summer days with peace of mind, as we have crafted all the products to meet rigorous Australian standards. Moreover, you can rely on our products to fulfill your specific needs and preferences.


8m x 4m x4.5m