Corks Screw Water Slide

Corks Screw Water Slide

Amazing eye catching design . With super curvy slide for entertainment .

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This inflatable water slide is design as a corkscrew curve . This unique design gives it’s users more excitement and entertainment . We’ve added special sliding materials inside to assure safe and smooth sliding experience . This product is design with rare real marble blue pvc . Therefore this gives a unique look plus exciting feeling even before sliding on it .

Speaking of the design of this amazing inflatable water slide . If we don’t design these curvy parts carefully it tends to hurt sliders . So we’ve design with extra care for the curves so the users won’t get hurt . Therefore this assures more comfortable and exciting sliding experience . With the ability to drip water from the top . It makes this more fun to use for both adults and kids . Please find some of the key features of this unique product .

Key Features of this product :

  • huge design with more height and width
  • safety slide with more comfort on the curves for smooth experience
  • higher ground clearance to maintain same speed on every position
  • Pure marble PVC to assure no colour wash outs after several circles of usage
  • Safety nettings all over to ensure safe experience of this product
  • Decent pool at the bottom to land on at the end of the slide to make it more fun and supply excitement

These options are all adjustable for your requirement . But most noteworthy fact is the ability to brand it with your own logo

for more brand promotional depth . If you are looking for cooperate events or for your own company we can build this up with your colour themes and brand logo . If you are looking to get more information on how to choose your product . Please read our step by step guide .

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