Giant Water Slide

Giant Water Slide

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This Giant water slide is one of the most affordable products we got in our armory . With colourful design and big pool at the bottom .
As most of you already know Australian Inflatables gives you the ability to design any of our products the way you desire .
Not only the design change but also we give you the ability to change the colours to match your logo or any way you need .

This water slide comes with a decent height slide and wider sliding angle . This items is more suitable for family events
or medium size parties . As we mention above not only colour and design customizable but also the size and height can change
as well . Please refer to below list to know more about special features and options this unit offers for you .

Features and options of the product :

  • Colourful combination with customizable plates
  • Wider diving angle for smooth action
  • higher slide and lower angle for smooth sliding experience
  • Safety netting on top for safe sliding
  • fully covered platform for injury less activity
  • wide slide for safe and exciting dive
  • wide pool at the bottom for more fun activities

We offer plenty of options with all our products . Please contact us now to get more knowledge about our products .

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