Mechanical Bull ( Rodeo Bull ) with Mechanical Surfboard for Sale

Mechanical Bull ( Rodeo Bull ) with Mechanical Surfboard for Sale

One of the hottest selling mechanical bull for sale . With Australian quality and long lasting design . Get your product today .


This mechanical bull inflatable game is one of the hottest products in our inventory . This product comes with 3 different gear system with smart detect automatic control  . So there you got ability to use this both manually and fully automatically . The version of the bull itself available with different colours and variations . Not only the bull but also the inflatable landing pillow got different colour and size variations as well . So you are able to choose from various designs to make it suitable for your needs . Below you can find out various features of this product .

Designing features and style of the product

This product was designed to add more excitement for it’s riders . But all the safety features were covered while designing . Automatic stop , emergency stop and sensor of rider gives it more safe to use without any injuries . Rider’s safety and design strength is really important when considering investing on this kind of a product . That is why we design this the way it is . So we can ensure the safety of all involved . Not only the mechanism but also the gears were designed to stop at any negative friction occurs .

Check out the design and features on a video . Check mechanical bull game video here

Features of this special product :

  • Fully automated bucking bull with 3 speed manual gears
  • real life look alike bull with various colours and themes
  • ability to spray smoke from the nose of the bull
  • lighting on the eyes of the bull to give it more rugged look
  • Audio system with FM and USB function
  • Soft landing pillow with theme variant
  • Free mechanical surfboard
  • Special discount price for the inflatable wave with every purchase
  • Clear sensors and push button for safety stops once the rider falls off the back
  • Emergency power off button on the control panel for extra safety and accident prevention
  • Manual controls for every move
  • Auto stop when rider fall safety feature

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